Hero homebuyers have a way to save with Houses for Heroes

Homes for Heroes, Inc. is a real estate organization that has worked to help first responders, healthcare workers, educators, and the military buy or refinance a home.

Jason Cowgill, a loan consultant for Caliber Home Loans in Southaven, is a representative for the Minneapolis, Minnesota-based company, and he wants more local “local heroes” to know about this opportunity to save extra dollars in the home. home buying experience.

Jason Cowgill, Homes for Heroes Regional Representative

Homes for Heroes, Inc. is the nation’s largest network of real estate and mortgage professionals who have helped over 56,000 American heroes buy, sell or refinance a home and save over $100 million. Cowgill said the program began in response to the September 11 terrorist attacks.

“The company founders, who are veterans, wanted to give back in a more meaningful way,” Cowgill explained. “They’ve given over $100 million to heroes since then, first responders, healthcare workers, educators and the military.”

It works like this: When qualified homebuyers or refinancers are associated with the program, they get a closing cost credit as a thank you for their service and to help lower their costs. “There are lenders who partner with them and estate agents, and if they associate with both, they can get a reward from the lender and the estate agents. It can end up being meaningful to offset costs in these uncertain times, just to have a little something extra,” Cowgill said. “Generally it’s around $500 to $1,000, but it depends on the size of the transaction. You can also use it with other programs, which is really useful.

Cowgill is the DeSoto County representative for Homes for Heroes through his lending company, Caliber Home Loans and through him applicants can apply for the program.

Houses for heroes

“They can either apply directly through me or go to my Homes for Heroes website and I reach out to them and partner with them where they can apply and then they’re associated with the system so when they get to closing , they automatically get the credit on their settlement statement,” Cowgill said.

He said those interested in learning more about the program and then entering their contact information can go to the following website. Houses for heroes. Online applications with Cowgill and Caliber are available on Cowgill’s personal webpage. Applicants can apply online at this site before speaking with Cowgill if they wish, and to learn more about Cowgill and Caliber.

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