Minority to investigate $ 1.5 billion GETFund approved for construction of educational facilities


Dr Clement Apaak, Associate Member, Parliamentary Education Committee

The parliamentary minority said it will launch an approved $ 1.5 billion security survey for the Ghana Education Trust Fund (GETFund) to undertake the completion of essential education facilities.

The Parliament approved in 2018 the loan of 1.5 billion dollars for the GETFund to support the development of educational infrastructure.

It was in the midst of the objections raised by the minority.

National Democratic Congress (NDC) lawmakers insisted they could not back the loan deal because they did not know the facility lender.

Dr Anthony Osei Akoto, then minister for monitoring and evaluation, said members of the minority had been informed of the lender.

He went ahead to tell the House who the lender was – CAL Bank.

“Mr President, let’s be honest with ourselves, other than that we will give examples that we cannot continue to follow,” he added.

But the minority, despite the boycott of the passage, says they will explore this loan facility.

Dr Clement Apaak, rank deputy, Parliament’s Education Committee told reporters after a tour of some unfinished projects in the country on Tuesday, October 19, 2021: “We are all aware of the inadequate infrastructure, c This is why the heinous two-way system was introduced. .

“So when we have structures like this, 90% completed, at a cost of 9 million cedis and yet we cannot complete them so that the students have access to education, so that the size of the Classrooms are reduced, so that communities have hope that their neighborhoods will benefit from free secondary school, clearly we cannot forgive the government.

“Because the $ 1.5 billion that GETFund was securitized to get was supposed to help complete what they themselves described as critical educational infrastructure and they indicated in their memo to Parliament that this was to answer to the increased number of students who entered service as a result of the advent of free SHS policy, so why is it here.

“Don’t we have the money? What did they do with the 1.5 billion for which we securitized the GETFund? Isn’t it time they came to Parliament to explain how much essential education infrastructure they have completed so that we know there is value for money in a community like this that has no not even high school. Is it right?”

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