NFM Lending announces the launch of the Influencers division, led by

LINTHICUM, MD, Jan. 04, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – NFM Lending, a leading national mortgage lender in business since 1998, today announced the launch of its Influencers division, led in part by TikTok sensation Scott Betley (@thatmortgageguy). Betley joined the company in May 2021 and has spent the past eight months building a structure to support and help grow the chain. He currently has 720,000 loyal subscribers and some of his videos have eclipsed 5 million unique views. Coinciding with the launch, Betley has been promoted to vice president, co-founder of the division.

“I am so touched and honored that NFM recognized the power of creativity and was ready to commit the resources necessary to put the many elements in place to deliver a total experience from customer direct to consumer,” said Betley. “My followers want transparency, a great digital experience, and in many cases a partner who understands the incubation process from lead to close often takes time and patience. The management of NFM overwhelmed me with the level of resources they devoted to this launch and this new venture has no limits. Betley’s rise to designer fame happened quickly; He made his first TikTok video in December 2019.

In addition to being a collaborating architect in the customer experience arm of the division, Betley has created a strong training platform for loan officers and real estate agents who have the desire and determination to gain traction in the media. social and creator space, in other words. go “viral”. The initial results of this program have been astounding.

NFM’s Director of Business Development Greg Sher searched for Betley in early 2020 and approached him to build something together. “I thought the idea of ​​lead generation through influencers had potential, but you never really know until you crank up the engines and go for it,” Sher said. “This new division has everything it takes to be a turning point for NFM and having the Michael Jordan of mortgage influencers as a partner is incredible. Can’t wait to see what it will look like in 1-3 years.

For more information about the division, send an email to [email protected]

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