Residents of the Pembroke Park mobile home community remain in limbo after receiving eviction notices

PEMBROKE PARK, Florida. – Residents of a Broward County mobile home park who face eviction held a rally on Sunday.

One such Lakeside Park Estates resident, Fernando Acuna Jr., told Local 10 News’ Terrell Forney about the hell his family has been through for the past two months.

“Hectic, stressful, depressing,” he said. “They are going to throw us there when we also have a loan that we still have to pay for this place? It is not fair.”

Fernando’s father had lived in the development for 20 years, but last year they bought a mobile home with his savings.

“At the moment I don’t know where I’m going,” Acuna Sr said.

In March, all park residents received an eviction notice and were told they would have to leave in 30 days.

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A later notice said the schedule was the result of miscommunication, but residents have since been left in limbo.

The land is owned by Trinity Broadcasting Network, a Christian organization, but the owners feel no spiritual connection.

The Florida Rising grassroots group is helping to help affected residents.

“They are bullied into giving up the title and being offered as little as $200. It’s outrageous,” Carlos Naranjo said with Florida Rising.

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