Saumya Tandon to repay ‘Malkhan’ Dipesh Bhan’s home loan from ‘Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain’, asks for help

Deepesh Bhan, who played the role of “Malkhan” in Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai, said goodbye to this world in July. Due to the delay in filming time, he had gone to play cricket, and his health deteriorated while playing. After the actor fell unconscious, he was taken to hospital, where it was learned he had died. The whole team of ‘Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hain’ had gone to his house to pay tribute to the actor. Malkhan ie Dipesh Bhan had mortgaged this house, the installments of which are still in progress.

After the death of Dipesh Bhan, the responsibility of repaying the home loan fell on the shoulders of his wife, who until now lived as a housewife. Suddenly, many responsibilities came on the head of Dipesh Bhan’s wife. In such a situation, Bhabiji is at home that Anita’s first sister-in-law i.e. Saumya Tandon took the responsibility to help her.

Saumya Tandon launched an initiative to repay Dipesh Bhan’s home loan. Soumya set up a fund and asked everyone to contribute as much as they could so that Dipesh’s home loan could be repaid. Soumya also shared a video about it.

Saumya Tandon shared a video on Instagram, in which she said, “Deepesh ji is no longer with us today. But, many of his memories are with us. I will remember many of his things for the rest of my life. I still remember his words. He often talked about his house, which he had bought with a mortgage. He didn’t get married until after he bought this house, and then his son was born.

Saumya adds: “Deepesh is gone, but gave us lots of happiness and smiles. Now is your chance to return it. We can return this home to him and his son. I created a fund in which all future money will go to his wife. With this fund, she will be able to pay off her mortgage. Please all donate, whether the amount is small or large. Together, I can make his dream come true.

Sharing the video, Saumya wrote in the caption, “This is for one of the cutest co-actors I’ve worked with with Dipesh Ban. Let’s pretend good people don’t get noticed. Every little gesture counts. #helpdeepeshsfamily
The link to the fund is in the bio.

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