Vergent LMS Announces New Client, Rely Credit

RIDGELAND, Mississippi & IRVING, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Vergent, a leading fintech lending platform, is proud to announce that it has signed Rely Credit as a new lending client.

Rely Credit specializes in bilingual loan products that will be offered at participating partner outlets that cater to the Spanish-speaking community. Rely provides accessible loan products that help the Latino community more easily access loans that help them establish or grow credit. With 12 different identification options, Rely Credit opens up opportunities for so many people who are often overlooked by lenders.

Rely Credit will now use Vergent’s loan management system to serve borrowers. Vergent will support Rely Credit with an omnichannel lending experience where borrowers can get a decision from Rely in seconds, all through their mobile device.

Borrowers can start applying for a loan over the counter at partner outlets that offer Rely Credit, then complete applications via their mobile device with the flexibility of Vergent’s omnichannel LMS.

“We are excited about what Rely is able to do with its technology partners,” said Martin J. Wong, Chairman and CEO of TF Holdings, Inc., Rely Credit’s holding company. “Many of today’s innovative fintech solutions overlook underserved groups like the Latino community. Vergent gives Rely Credit the best borrowing experience available, allowing them to serve more borrowers and provide more access to loans for those in need.

Despite being one of the fastest growing demographics in America, according to the Federal Reserve, the Latino community is three times more likely to be underbanked than other consumers. Rely Credit’s ability to not only serve these borrowers, but to do so quickly and conveniently with the help of its technology partners, is critical for this traditionally underserved group.

“We created Vergent in the first place because we saw that the loan management systems available were not sufficient to meet the unique needs of lenders and their borrowers. When we heard about the work Rely Credit was doing, we knew working together would be the perfect fit,” said Scott Putnam, CEO of Vergent. “Our LMS was designed to be flexible enough to work with any lender and Rely Credit is the perfect example.”

About Rely Credit

Rely Credit provides personal loan products that are affordable, help build credit, and are inclusive of all members of the communities we serve, regardless of their credit experience. Rely Credit is a wholly owned subsidiary of TF Holdings, Inc. TF Holdings, Inc., through its subsidiaries, provides credit and financial wellness tools to consumers and licenses lenders to loan origination, risk underwriting and loan management. The company is based in Irving, Texas.

About Vergent Loan Management Software

Vergent Loan Management Software (Vergent LMS) provides an omnichannel lending solution for lending institutions and financial services organizations. Based in Texas and Mississippi, Vergent offers an end-to-end solution for consumer, small dollar, automotive and online lenders. Founded in 2006, the company serves lenders in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Central America. With over $690 billion in services and 20,000 active users, Vergent offers lenders intuitive software that scales seamlessly with any business. To learn more about Vergent LMS, visit

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