Zizi Kodwa Confirms R1m Loan From Friend Former EOH Director Jehan Mackay


Through Kailene Pillay 49 m ago

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Johannesburg – Former ANC spokesman Zizi Kodwa has confirmed he received a million rand loan from his friend and former EOH executive Jehan Mackay because he was in financial difficulty .

Kodwa used over R800,000 to buy a Jeep.

He could not explain to the Zondo Commission the logic behind buying a vehicle when he was in financial difficulty.

Kodwa said he had not repaid any part of this loan granted to him more than five years ago.

He said the deal with Mackay was that he could repay the money once he was in a better financial position.

“It’s flexible among friends,” Kodwa said, referring to the loan agreement.

Kodwa took the hot spot on the State Capture Commission of Inquiry. He is responding to allegations that he received millions of rand as an ANC spokesperson.

The commission had previously heard how Kodwa received more than R 2 million in payments and luxury accommodation linked to technology services company EOH.

ENS Forensics chief executive Steven Powell told the commission he had conducted a forensic investigation into EOH. He found payments made to the ANC and to individuals linked to the party.

Powell said it appeared that between 2015 and 2016, when payments were made to Kodwa, three government contracts were issued.

Kodwa told the commission that although he confirms he received payments from Mackay, they had nothing to do with government contracts.

“I stand before you to recognize the lesson you seem to give us whenever you have the opportunity to encourage us to appear. And that is, we have to be wary of our relationship and how of which they are seen as leaders.

“One of the great lessons that I have now learned from consulting my own comrades and my own legal representatives in this matter is the need to honestly take responsibility and move forward.

“The need to recognize that even though I have not committed any crime or facilitated any crime, the needs of leadership are that I should avoid situations which lend themselves to the perception that as a leader I am bought or favored.” , Kodwa said in an opening statement. .

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